Comparison Between Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 6


Apple most frequently announces its new generations from time to time. With the addition of new and exciting features, new generations are being introduced by Apple. All electronics launched by this prestigious and renowned company are optimally liked by the majority of the people all over the world.

Both iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 7 are the outstanding masterpiece of Apple.  Let’s have a glance at the features and specification of both iPhone sin order to make a sagacious decision about the best one among them.

  • Price: Both iPhones were released in the market in the month of September but the year varies. iPhone 6 was launched in 2014 while iPhone 7 was launched 2 years later. iPhone 6 is more economical than that of iPhone 7.


  • Dimensions: Both iPhones have touch screen which is in accordance with the latest technology and style. 30 x 67.10 x 7.10mm is the dimension of iPhone 6 while iPhone 7 has the dimension of 138.10 x 67.00 x 6.90mm.


  • Weight: When it comes to weight, iPhone 7 is a bit heavier than iPhone 6. iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 has a weight of 129g and 138g respectively.


  • Battery Capacity: The more the battery capacity would be, the more likeable the iPhone become. iPhone 7 enjoys having more battery capacity than iPhone 6. 1960mAh is the battery capacity of iPhone 7 while 1810mAh is of iPhone 6. Both of them do not have a removable battery.


  • Colors: Colors are the main appealing source. The more the color choice would be, the more options one would get to select from the myriad of colors and get the favorite one. iPhone 7 is available in Rose Gold, Red, Gold, Black, Silver and Jet Black. iPhone 6 is available in the market in Silver, Space Gray and Gold color.


  • Display: Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 shares the same features and specifications of display, such as screen size, resolution and ppi which are 4.70, 750×1334 pixels and 326 respectively. Both are touchscreen.


  • Hardware: iPhone 7 has a quad core processor, Apple A10Fusion processor maker, RAM of 2GB, internal storage of 32GB and no expandable storage. iPhone 6 has Apple A8 processor maker, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage and no expandable battery.


  • CAMERA: the most exciting and fabulous feature on the majority of the user focus before making a purchase is the camera. The greater the camera quality would be, the more rapidly it would become the choice of a majority of the people. The rear camera of iPhone 7 is higher than iPhone 6. iPhone enjoys to having a rear camera of 12MP while iPhone 6 has 8MP rear camera. Both of them have flash while the front camera of iPhone 6 is 1.2MP and for iPhone 7 is 7MP.


  • SOFTWARE: Operating system of iPhone 6 is iOS 8. For, iPhone 7 OS is iOS 10.

By having a look at this comparison given above, it becomes evident that Apple iPhone 7 has many more new and improved specifications than that of Apple iPhone 6. Hence, proved to be the best one.


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